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Our Services

Project Management

We help you to understand what your project needs, which resources (people, process & tools) you need, and we monitor your project, making sure everything is happening the way it is supposed to be.

Artistic Supervision

We want artists to embrace the new Art revolution.

We help Artists understand how the new digital tools can be their new paint brushes.

We help brands understand what form of Art they need for their projects.

Solution Building

It all starts with an issue, an instinct, an idea.

We are with you during the ideation process, we turn your ideas into achievable projects, and write specifications for you

Artistic Creation

We provide the required ressources to achieve beautiful art projects (designers, automation, generative algorithms, artificial intelligence, 3D art conception, animation)

Business Intelligence

A good business requires good data.

We make sure you have the right tools to run your business, and we turn your objectives into KPIs and Dashboards that put you in control of your business

Event Management

We make your events unforgettable with the help of Art & Tech. Art installation, Artists live shows, Artistic Ticketing, Contactless payments, NFC Badges, Event Gamification, Treasure Hunts...


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