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ai Token Tales (AitT)

Decentralized stories,
Written and illustrated by AI, Imagined and Curated by Human

Our mission is to help society embrace the future, one decentralized book at a time.

AI is the future, Blockchain is the future. 

For some of us it is already the present, so let’s gather and make this present to Society.

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First Drop = First Story

The Rise of AI: A Story of Machines and Intelligence

A captivating tale that chronicles the journey of AI from its inception to its current state of advancement. The book is written entirely by AI text generator, and each image is generated by an AI, illustrating a part of AI history in the style of some of the most renowned artists in human history, making it a truly unique and remarkable creation.

69 Pages

Number of editions : 1 to 13

Total : 420 NFTs

Mint Price : 0.01 Eth + gas




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